The More Melanin Scholarship Program is for minorities entering a skincare program or Pre-Med school 




  • Must be a resident of TEXAS to apply (DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND A TEXAS SCHOOL)

  • Must be an under-represented (minority) female

  • Must be in good academic Standing

  • Must be planning to attend an esthetics program, entering Pre-Med, or Nursing School

  • Planning to attend a Texas Skin Care Program or an accredited Medical or Nursing School

  • Must submit a 60 second video

  • Must submit a letter of acceptance into a Texas Skincare Program, Pre-Med, Nursing School 

  • Apply By submitting a 60 second video to ywilliams@herskinfoundation.co 

Video Requirements:

  • The video must not be over 60 seconds

  • You must provide your first, last name, and the city you reside in and the school you will be attending 

  • The reason you chose your field of study

  • And any information that you want us to know




Deadline: 3rd of August at 11:59 PM CST


Award Month: November 2022


The acceptance letters and videos must be sent via email by the 3rd of June. Applications will not be accepted without the acceptance letter and video submission.



*If you have any questions email ywilliams@herskinfoundation.co please feel free to contact the Scholarship Co-Chairman Sarafia Mitchell @ customer.service@herskinfoundation.co 

 Apply Now Send your 60 second Video as attachment in the email