Kalista Martin



I've been dealing with my keloids for a long time. I have several on my body from several incidents and acne is the stem result of them being on every part of my body. There are times I feel sharp stinging and itching from keloids. I find it very aggravating most of the time. It's even more aggravating when people stare and ask questions; at times it becomes unbearable. I have had very low points in my days when I didn't have the confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes self-esteem just isn't enough. When I felt like that, I would hide and try to shun myself from the world.

I was blessed to marry a man who was with me when I first encountered Keloids. He walked the journey with me always assuring me that I was beautiful. He passed away six years ago and it has been very difficult trying to date. So many men are more focused on how a person looks.

I have come to terms with my scars and I am more proud and confident than ever. While life has brought me several ups and downs, losses and gains; I am stronger and braver. I'm loving my 40s and not letting anything hold me back! So, if they don't like me, they can look the other way.

You never know where and when I may show up and grace the world with my presence!!!

-Kalista Martin

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