Updated: Jan 26, 2021



I developed keloid scarring after wounds from chickenpox. They started small like little pimples. Over time, the scarring began to worsen, causing me torment, including bouts with low self-esteem, low self-worth, and physical challenges such as not being able to bend down or walk without pain. After having surgery on a rather large keloid in 2016 and going through several painful shots to lessen the risk of growth, I realized that there was no 100% cure for this disease. I prayed because I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I knew that through him I would find my healing and strength. I didn't know that he would lead me to the path of starting a nonprofit. When he gave me the idea, everything just seemed to fall in place. In 2018, We started HER SKIN FOUNDATION a non-profit for minority women and that focuses on skin diseases and disorders. ​It is my hope that minority women and children are given every chance to live a healthy quality of life.

What makes HER SKIN FOUNDATION different from other nonprofits is that we not only provide outside resources but we are also giving you the opportunity to be strengthened in your faith. So that when you are facing rough days and resources are scarce you have your faith!

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