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My story & what made me start my ministry.....

I've always loved helping others especially doing hair & makeup and I also love all things fashion with a little bling bling! After finally getting my cosmetology license 2005, I worked in a salon. Then we started a family, I became a stay at home mom to raise our 3 Beautiful children. As they grew so did my passion to get back to doing what I love doing, serving God's people with my gifts & talents.

I opened a salon suite for my 1st time on my own in 2013. God blessed me to come up with the name Xquisite Transformations. My logo is a Yellow butterfly and my scripture base is Romans 12:2. I knew then that I was called to help people transform just like a butterfly does in metamorphosis. But this goes spiritual to show and teach others how to embrace their beauty from the inside out. My ministry began!

I noticed how my conversations with clients always lead to God. I would spend an hour sharing of testimonies. But I thought I was only helping with the outside doing hair, makeup and fashion styling. Then one day God gave me courage to brain storm and have a women's conference called SheWalksFIERCE!

She Walks FIERCE was created to help transform women from the inside to enhance the outside. Renewing the mind, changing the way we think. Dealing with ourselves and facing the fear within so they can walk Fierce inside and outside, putting the two together is powerful!! After all if our inside is torn and broken, the outside wasn't important. All of this has forced me to look in mirror and face my fears as God continues to transform me to share my joys & my pains, my happy & my sad, my good & my bad! I am still learning to embrace ALL of Me- loving Me- the ME that God created me to be in his image! Bruised but not Broken. FIERCE with Flaws! Loved by God! Sharing good news JESUS SAVES!


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